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About Us

Gary Sigel holds a degree in Economics and worked for a Fortune 500 company before founding SEP. During that period, Mr. Sigel lived and worked in the U.S., the UK, and France.

Mr. Sigel has experience in the oil and gas industry in the U.S. and is actively involved in the evaluation of electricity investments. His subjects of expertise include machinery, production facilities, manufacturing processes, and refurbishing of used machinery.

Mr. Sigel has participated in panels on renewable energy for the Oman Economic Forum and OPIC.

Mr. Sigel can be contacted at

Aryeh Glickman holds an MBA with a specialization in finance and human resources. Before joining Southern Energy Partners, he worked in human resources and in project finance at a mid-sized bank.

Mr. Glickman is active in the Indian renewable energy market, and has overseen the purchase of SEP Energy’s turbines, establishing working relationships with the leading operation and maintenance companies, wind energy consultants, and manufacturing companies in India and abroad.

Mr. Glickman can be contacted at